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Hi I'm Veronica, the brain and blonde behind
Awkward Blonde Baking Co. (formerly Sugar Love Sweets).

I officially founded my business in 2015, however I've been baking sweet goodness for as long as I can remember.  Running a sweets business has long been a dream of mine.  You know you're on the right path, when you tell family and friends you're making a business out of your hobby and most say "FINALLY".  I haven't made it to a brick & mortar space yet, but a girl can dream!

I started out as Sugar Love Sweets, and it really felt like me for almost 5 years.  Recently however, it just didn't feel like the right fit...
enter my true self...
Awkward Blonde Baking Co.!

I am currently operating as Cottage Food business and
am unable to ship.

Hey, where's the rest of your team?
I do have a wonderful family supporting me but,
Awkward Blonde Baking Co. is a ONE woman show! 
Do I wish there were others to help me (especially with the not fun stuff of dishes, administrative, etc.) of course, but for now what you see what you get. 

I work on your special treats from first contact to pickup!


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